A lack of 睡觉 seems to be a prevalent 是sue in America, and REM 睡觉 behavior disorders 在列表的顶部。

晚安没有替代品’s 睡觉, and the quality of 睡觉 是 just as important as the fact that you can fall asleep and wake up feeling rested.

Restorative 睡觉 can make a world of difference for the human mind and body.

Restorative 睡觉 has been deemed as the key to optimal focus, concentration, and productivity.

It 是 no surprise that REM 睡觉 has become the focus of 睡觉 studies in centers around the country.



You may also experience a deeper 睡觉, getting you to that state of high-quality restorative 睡觉 that you long for.

的re are numerous 睡觉 disorders, and REM 睡觉 behavior disorder 是 a state of 睡觉 in which the individual acts out their dreams.



This 睡觉 disorder can result in a true 恶梦 if you are experiencing the symptoms of this disorder on a regular basis.


This 文章 will discuss the three known stages of 睡觉 including wakefulness, rapid eye movement or REM 睡觉, and non-rapid eye movement.

It 是 important that you understand each stage of 睡觉 and how it can affect you.

请完整阅读本文,以便您可以进一步了解 conventional treatment for 睡觉 disorders, 以及对您现在和长期而言意味着什么。

At the end we will share some vital information with you regarding new options that you may wish to consider to help you get better 睡觉 and a more restorative 睡觉.

If you have been diagnosed with REM 睡觉 behavior disorders, you may want to take some notes before you talk with your doctor about your options, before trying something new.


You are most likely reading this because you were searching online for more information about 睡觉 disorders and how you can better 睡觉.

Getting more 睡觉 and getting quality 睡觉 are no doubt what you are hoping for.

国家睡眠基金会 在他们的网站上说:

我们所说的“sleep” involves transitions between three different states: wakefulness, rapid eye movement (REM) 睡觉, which 是 associated with dreaming, and non rapid eye movement (N-REM) 睡觉. 的re are a variety of characteristics that define each state, but to understand REM 睡觉 behavior disorder it 是 important to know that it occurs during REM 睡觉. During this state, the electrical activity of the brain, as recorded 通过 an electroencephalogram, looks similar to the electrical activity that occurs during waking. Although neurons in the brain during REM 睡觉 are functioning much as they do during waking, REM 睡觉 是 also characterized 通过 temporary muscle paralysis.

This 是 important to read and re-read so that you fully understand what happens during the 睡觉 cycle and how it can impact your life overall.


的 REM cycle 是 where a deep 睡觉 sets in, and it’还有做梦的地方。


Doctors have done a multitude of research through 睡觉 studies, reporting that patients who seem to recall a great deal about their dreams are in a deeper REM cycle than those who don’记得细节。

This cycle 是 also where electrical activity in the brain takes place, and we will touch on that later when we get into the details about how PEMF疗法 can improve 睡觉 for those with insomnia, 睡觉 apnea, and many other 睡觉 disorders.

When 睡觉 studies are done, patients are monitored using a test known as an electroencephalogram to record the electrical activity of the brain.


So, how can a 睡觉 study help a doctor determine that you have a specific 睡觉 disorder?

A disruption in 睡觉 stages 是 always noted when 睡觉 stages seem to overlap, or rather to invade another stage.



的 first course of action for those with 睡觉 problems involves a trip to the doctor which results in the 是suance of a number of prescription medications including:

  • 安宾
  • 露内斯塔
  • 雷斯托里尔
  • Halcion
  • 奏鸣曲
  • 埃德鲁尔
  • 间奏曲
  • 佐尔皮米斯特

安宾 and 露内斯塔 have long been the most fierce competitors, but many patients have reported 睡觉walking, and even cooking in their 睡觉.


每个人对某些药物的反应都不同,因此’s important not to compare yourself to someone else that may have a 睡觉 disorder, or for that matter, someone that 是 using a prescription medication for 睡觉.

一种似乎可以胜出的药物 REM 睡觉 behavior disordersClonepazem (also known as Klonopin), which 是 also being used for those who suffer from depression and struggle to get restorative 睡觉.


  1. 睡意
  2. 头晕
  3. 模糊的视野
  4. 思考或记忆问题

的 lack of 睡觉 can be frustrating enough, and lack of 睡觉 can interfere with your productivity adding more frustration.


PEMF疗法 has been shown to improve 睡觉 for those who struggle to get 睡觉, and it has been effective in helping those with disturbances in their REM cycle.

让’s discuss how PEMF疗法 works on the brain to improve 睡觉 and over time how it can bring the body back into balance with proper 睡觉.



This benefit of PEMF疗法 helps individuals to see symptoms of other 睡觉 disorders disappear over time.


Once you are asleep, the brain activity will begin to appear altered dramatically, and during REM 睡觉 是 when electrical activity occurs in the brain.

This 是 what the medical community refers to as a deep slow wave 睡觉 moving into rapid eye movement.

This pattern can become disrupted, meaning that wakefulness lasts too long before 睡觉, or perhaps the REM cycle 是 overlapping the time in which the non-rapid eye movement phase would begin.

身体’每个人的时钟都按照不同的时间表运行,可悲的是 昼夜节律 也可以由于此问题而更改。

When the brain waves are brought back into balance, they can easily begin to function at their optimal level, bringing each of the 睡觉 stages into balance.





We know how important 睡觉 是 to the human mind and body, and everyone deserves to get a good night’s 睡觉.

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REM 睡觉 behavior disorders


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